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23.1.2018 Výskumná pozícia v skupine prof. Milana Polakoviča
Bratislava, January 2018

Ref: Research positions in the group of prof. Milan Polakovič

Two temporary research positions are available for an immediate start in the field of applied biocatalysis and adsorption bioseparations. Finished PhD. study is an advantage but a master degree in chemical engineering, biotechnology or similar study programs is a minimum prerequisite. The positions are supported by grants from Slovak Research and Development Agency. The contract for each position is for a calendar year with the possibility of prolongation during project duration. A start of PhD. study during the project with continued financing by the faculty after the project end is possible.

Candidates are required to send a professional CV, 1-2 references of professors who can give a recommendation.

Position 1
  • Research in the frame of a project for whole-cell immobilized recombination biocatalyst design for the production of chemical specialties using biocatalytic cascade reactions.
  • Study of kinetics and oxygen tranfer in biocatalytic oxidation reactions in two-phase liquid-gas reactors and three-phase solid-liquid-gas reactors.
  • Work in a project team with partners from other institutions.
  • Experience in cell cultivation, fermentation or bioreactors is welcome.

Position 2
  • Research in the framework of a project on the design, simulation and optimization of hybrid reaction-separation systems for biocatalytic production of natural aromas.
  • Study of equilibria and kinetics of adsorption separation of natural aromas prepared by biotransformation. Design of column adsorption processes employing reverse phases and hydrophobic adsorbents in various regimes – batch, with recycle, continuous in simulated moving bed.
  • Work in a project team of two research groups of the department.
  • Experience in column adsorption/chromatography and bioreactors is welcome.

Sincerely yours,
prof. Ing. Milan Polakovič, PhD.
Institute Director
T: +421 2 59325254
Radlinského 9
81237 Bratislava
Slovak Republic www.stuba.sk